From the steel box to a car

A well known issue with these cars is the amount of noise they produce in the interior. Also the sound they make if you close a door.
Because of this we bought our self sound deadener mats which should dampen the noise.

Armored with 4 rules of sound deadener we started our work:
All four doors, the Gearbox and the floor front and rear as also the side walls became stickered with this silver foil, the result is already noticeable when you close the door. We are wondering how it will be when driving, the transmission was producing a lot of noise on the previous rides.

The floor mat has just arrived and is installed, it looks much better than before.

We also got a date to present the car at the immatriculation office, unfortunately we need to be patient for two weeks until we can present the car.
This time we will spend with the Planning of the interior and other small things which are still on our to do list before we can present it at the office of immatriculation. For example installing the winch which just got a synthetic rope and also  the installing of the trailer hitch electricity.

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