Alucab Hercules

Since our last blog entry, a lot on our troopy has been changed:

  • First the good news:
    It Passed the Immatriculation expertise at the first time 😀
    Now our troopy is a official member of the swiss streets 😉
  • Shortly before the examination we decided to change the front bumper and winch because the old one wasn’t in good condition anymore.
    Now we have a TJM Bumper with the winch inside so it is better protected than with the old bumper where the winch was just sitting on top of it.
  • The heating system for the engine is already installed and works fine. The air heater for the interior is waiting for the interior installation first to choose its place.
  • The drawing for the interior is done and the wooden plates are delivered. Now the plates need to be cutted in the right shape and moved in place.
    The floor is already insulated and installed. So the “Foundation” is done.
  • Recently we installed the Solar panel to make sure we won’t run out of power 😉
  • In January we finally could made a appointment at Storm 72 in Zollbrück (Switzerland) to install the Alucab Hercules. Less than a week later we could get our troopy back with the dream come true. We finally got our Pop top roof.

Pictures of the work in progress:

This is how our “travel buddy” currently looks like.

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