Sweden 2019

This autmn we have been in Sweden.
We had 2.5 weeks and a busy schedule:

We visited the “Buschtaxi-Meeting” (Troopy Meeting) in Wetzlar – Germany, spent a week in Sweden, droven on the car beaches in Denmark, visited the Miniatur-Wunderland & met some friends in Germany. After that we drove through Switzerland for doing some offroad in the western alps for the last time this year.

In 18 days we did 5700km, drove trough 6 countries, took 2 ferrys and one car train.

Here you can see some pictures:


Croatia & Corsica 2019

For our first trip with our Troopy we decided to go to Croatia. We had time for 2 weeks and started on the easter-monday. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t that good. After 4 days, we decided to change the country. The weather forecast for corsica was much better, the forecast for Croatia was rainy for the whole vacation.
Although the rain we could drive some nice offroad tracks and enjoy some sun in Croatia.
At the weekend we left croatia in direction to Italy & took the ferry to corsica. There we had a great time with a lot of sun and good friends. Way too quick the time was over =(

Here you have some impressions from our holidays:


Our Interior

It’s getting a little warmer and the days last longer, we spend almost every free minute to our Land Cruiser.

Our goal: The coming Easter Monday we want to take our troopy to it’s first trip.
To reach this goal, there are tons of things to do before:

  • Basically our attention belongs to the interior which means for us to get the needed material like wood plates, rivets, screws and tons of other small things we just noticed that they are missing when we wanted to install them.
    We already had a vision how the interior should look like because we were traveling with the other land cruiser before. The Furniture has been drawn in a 3D CAD so we got a list about the size and amount of all pieces needed.
    To cut the Plates in shape we had help of a carpenter with suitable equipment to cut the plates in right angled shapes 😉
    Now the “Puzzle” could start. Even if it was just a “Putting things together” it took much time to get everything done right. Especially the cutting of the aluminum profiles needed a lot of focus not to cut them to short 😉
    Even if the interior was drawn in 3D CAD, it was not perfect, we designed some parts too big so they did not fit well in the car, so it needed a lot of adjustments “off plan”.
    Before the Cabinet was completed, all the electrical stuff needed to be installed like: Auxiliary Battery, Solar charger, Battery manager (IBS), Heater, Fuses and so on….
  • The car was already damped against noise, but now we also want to take the warm air inside so we installed insulation behind the Wooden Sheets. The Sheets were cutted out and mounted with rivnuts. Before the installation the metal sheets of the car were protected against rust using Mike Sander’s.
  • The only big place where we loose heat were the windows so we got the Dampening material and sew them to Insulation mats.

    All good for it’s first trip. Saturday evening….
    Monday morning we’ll take it to it’s first trip….

Our travelbuddy

Since 2018 we travel with a

2001 Land Cruiser HZJ78

Our equipment:

– Alu Cab Hercules Popup Roof with the original Alu Cab 270° Shadow Awning
– 80 liter original diesel sub tank
(Range with both tanks: approx. 1200 km)
– 47 liter water tank with tap in the inside of the car
– Solarpanel on the roof (power 120W)
– Maxtrax recoveryboard
– Some LED lamps
– Highlift jack for changing tires
– Webasto heater air to air and water to air
– 2x Scheelmann Traveler Seat
– Console between the seats
– Recovery gear
– Suspencion TJM & Tough Dog
– Front Steelbumper TJM with 9000lbs winch
– Rear Steelbumper  with 20 Liter water tank & spare wheelcarrier
– Gallwing from Emuwings
– Fanello matress
– 5x BF Goodrich All Terrain tire
– 1 spare wheel (& repair kit)
– petrol- and gas stove
– Engel fridge (42 liter)

Our previous travelbuddy

We started travelinge with a 2003  Land Cruiser KDJ95.
But his life is not over, he is still in daily use.


– 74 Liter Diesel sub tank (Range with both tanks is about 1500 kms)
– 47 Liter watertank
– Solarpanel on the roof
– Columbus rooftent
– Fox-Wing
– Bullbar
– 1 Spare wheel
– Petrol stove
– Engel refrigerator
– Roofbox for tools
– Sandrails
– LED Bar on the roof



20160913_134645 20160913_134658 20160913_134738

– Watertank

Alucab Hercules

Since our last blog entry, a lot on our troopy has been changed:

  • First the good news:
    It Passed the Immatriculation expertise at the first time 😀
    Now our troopy is a official member of the swiss streets 😉
  • Shortly before the examination we decided to change the front bumper and winch because the old one wasn’t in good condition anymore.
    Now we have a TJM Bumper with the winch inside so it is better protected than with the old bumper where the winch was just sitting on top of it.
  • The heating system for the engine is already installed and works fine. The air heater for the interior is waiting for the interior installation first to choose its place.
  • The drawing for the interior is done and the wooden plates are delivered. Now the plates need to be cutted in the right shape and moved in place.
    The floor is already insulated and installed. So the “Foundation” is done.
  • Recently we installed the Solar panel to make sure we won’t run out of power 😉
  • In January we finally could made a appointment at Storm 72 in Zollbrück (Switzerland) to install the Alucab Hercules. Less than a week later we could get our troopy back with the dream come true. We finally got our Pop top roof.

Pictures of the work in progress:

This is how our “travel buddy” currently looks like.

From the steel box to a car

A well known issue with these cars is the amount of noise they produce in the interior. Also the sound they make if you close a door.
Because of this we bought our self sound deadener mats which should dampen the noise.

Armored with 4 rules of sound deadener we started our work:
All four doors, the Gearbox and the floor front and rear as also the side walls became stickered with this silver foil, the result is already noticeable when you close the door. We are wondering how it will be when driving, the transmission was producing a lot of noise on the previous rides.

The floor mat has just arrived and is installed, it looks much better than before.

We also got a date to present the car at the immatriculation office, unfortunately we need to be patient for two weeks until we can present the car.
This time we will spend with the Planning of the interior and other small things which are still on our to do list before we can present it at the office of immatriculation. For example installing the winch which just got a synthetic rope and also  the installing of the trailer hitch electricity.

First work in progress

Our new troopy mustn’t wait long. Soon we took it on the car hoist and checked the vehicle.
Much stuff (basically all of it…) was removed because we did not meet our plans. Especially the wooden interior. We already had plans of how we want it and decided to start from scratch.
We also did not like those stickers from the pre owner so they were removed one nice day.
We also removed a lot of the exterior (Lights, Shackle, Winch….)
This is how the troopy looked like when we got it:

Now the work started 😉

The car also had a lot of serious mechanic issues:
The Gearbox was completely broken, like so both axles where in bad condition. Especially the front axle had broken shafts and hubs so we need to replace everything. All Wheel bearings and rear propeller shaft needed to be replaced as well. For these reparations we were supported by our friend Oli, thanks again 😉

We replaced the gearbox, both differentials, because the lockers did not worked properly, all brakes and bearings are new, like so lot of pipes, filters and hoses.
Both axles are completely renewed and ready for the next 300’000 kilometers 😉

more pictures following soon.
Currently it is at the body shop to remove the orange spots 😉

Next step: Visiting the local authority to check if they like the car like we do as the car needs their blessings to be used on the roads here.

Our new family member

If dreams come true – while traveling we always thought about the things we can improve on our 90 series Land Cruiser. We simply did not have enough space.
We met several travelers driving a 78 (called “Troopy”) Land Cruiser our imaginations of our “dream traveling car” started to grew.
It took much time to search a 78 on the internet but on the 6. June Kevin found a ad. It just came online 30 minutes before when we called the seller.

While driving in Corsica, the gearbox broke down, just one day ago it was delivered back to the owner in Germany from a towing company. On the 8th of June we arrived in Munich to take a look.
After doing some checks, negotiate the price and discuss about past travels our new family member winched itself onto our trailer.
Loaded with heavy payload we started our trip back home,  late in the night we finally arrived safely at home with the two Land Cruisers.

We will keep you up to date about the future modifications =)