Our Interior

It’s getting a little warmer and the days last longer, we spend almost every free minute to our Land Cruiser.

Our goal: The coming Easter Monday we want to take our troopy to it’s first trip.
To reach this goal, there are tons of things to do before:

  • Basically our attention belongs to the interior which means for us to get the needed material like wood plates, rivets, screws and tons of other small things we just noticed that they are missing when we wanted to install them.
    We already had a vision how the interior should look like because we were traveling with the other land cruiser before. The Furniture has been drawn in a 3D CAD so we got a list about the size and amount of all pieces needed.
    To cut the Plates in shape we had help of a carpenter with suitable equipment to cut the plates in right angled shapes 😉
    Now the “Puzzle” could start. Even if it was just a “Putting things together” it took much time to get everything done right. Especially the cutting of the aluminum profiles needed a lot of focus not to cut them to short 😉
    Even if the interior was drawn in 3D CAD, it was not perfect, we designed some parts too big so they did not fit well in the car, so it needed a lot of adjustments “off plan”.
    Before the Cabinet was completed, all the electrical stuff needed to be installed like: Auxiliary Battery, Solar charger, Battery manager (IBS), Heater, Fuses and so on….
  • The car was already damped against noise, but now we also want to take the warm air inside so we installed insulation behind the Wooden Sheets. The Sheets were cutted out and mounted with rivnuts. Before the installation the metal sheets of the car were protected against rust using Mike Sander’s.
  • The only big place where we loose heat were the windows so we got the Dampening material and sew them to Insulation mats.

    All good for it’s first trip. Saturday evening….
    Monday morning we’ll take it to it’s first trip….

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