First work in progress

Our new troopy mustn’t wait long. Soon we took it on the car hoist and checked the vehicle.
Much stuff (basically all of it…) was removed because we did not meet our plans. Especially the wooden interior. We already had plans of how we want it and decided to start from scratch.
We also did not like those stickers from the pre owner so they were removed one nice day.
We also removed a lot of the exterior (Lights, Shackle, Winch….)
This is how the troopy looked like when we got it:

Now the work started πŸ˜‰

The car also had a lot of serious mechanic issues:
The Gearbox was completely broken, like so both axles where in bad condition. Especially the front axle had broken shafts and hubs so we need to replace everything. All Wheel bearings and rear propeller shaft needed to be replaced as well. For these reparations we were supported by our friend Oli, thanks again πŸ˜‰

We replaced the gearbox, both differentials, because the lockers did not worked properly, all brakes and bearings are new, like so lot of pipes, filters and hoses.
Both axles are completely renewed and ready for the next 300’000 kilometers πŸ˜‰

more pictures following soon.
Currently it is at the body shop to remove the orange spots πŸ˜‰

Next step: Visiting the local authority to check if they like the car like we do as the car needs their blessings to be used on the roads here.

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