Our new family member

If dreams come true – while traveling we always thought about the things we can improve on our 90 series Land Cruiser. We simply did not have enough space.
We met several travelers driving a 78 (called “Troopy”) Land Cruiser our imaginations of our “dream traveling car” started to grew.
It took much time to search a 78 on the internet but on the 6. June Kevin found a ad. It just came online 30 minutes before when we called the seller.

While driving in Corsica, the gearbox broke down, just one day ago it was delivered back to the owner in Germany from a towing company. On the 8th of June we arrived in Munich to take a look.
After doing some checks, negotiate the price and discuss about past travels our new family member winched itself onto our trailer.
Loaded with heavy payload we started our trip back home,  late in the night we finally arrived safely at home with the two Land Cruisers.

We will keep you up to date about the future modifications =)

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